Manchester City can be kicked out of next year’s Champions league and that could be a boon for Manchester United.

Manchester City

Manchester City can be kicked out of Uefa Champions League next season. The blues are owned by the City football group who also own Girona in la liga. Moreover, both the clubs are in the top 4 of their respective leagues this season. That simply means that both of the clubs can qualify for champions league. However, there’s a catch here. According to the rules of UEFA, a single owning entity can only send one team to the champions league at a time. Furthermore, it’s not in City Football Group’s control about who they want to send to the champions league. We all know that Man City would be heading to the competition if that was the case.

According to footballtransfers, the team with the better league position at the end of the season will advance to the champions league. And it’s quite visible according to the current scenario that Girona are leading Man City at the moment. Moreover, City aren’t in a good situation in the premier league as of now. They’ve just won against Luton Town but that was quite struggling for the blues. They sit currently at the 4th place, which will definitely decrease their chances for the champions league qualification if they continue with the same performance.

Manchester City can pave a way for Man United’s champions league qualification if they’re out themselves.

The format of the champions league is changing into the Swiss model from next season. Because of this, premier league will get 5 automatic champions league qualification. That means the top 5 teams will go to the champions league. Now here comes the intresting part. If Man City are kicked out of the champions league qualification spot, ultimately the 6th place team in the premier league will qualify as the 5th best team. And that team is Manchester United. Therefore, it’d be crucial for both Manchester City and Manchester United to wait for the end of the season and see who finishes better, Girona or City.

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