How Can Chelsea Make The Most Of Their Attacking Forwards?

Bertrand Traore

Chelsea is currently reigning UEFA Champion League winners and has a multitude of attacking forwards. Due to this, the club will need to deploy multiple systems to help suit the playing style of each player. While it would be really tough for many clubs to keep each player satisfied with the amount of playing time. Chelsea has the squad depth to create two teams of 11 players. Each of the teams being better than half of the squads in the Premier League. Chelsea this season both Romelu Lukaku this transfer window.

Currently, Chelsea has the following Attacking Forwards in their squad right now:-

  1. Romelu Lukaku
  2. Timo Werner
  3. Hakim Ziyech
  4. Kai Havertz
  5. Christian Pulisic
  6. Callum Hundson Odoi

Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner are the only strikers in the club right now. While Timo Werner is a striker, he prefers a system with two strikers. This is because his playing style is one of a second striker who makes runs in behind the defence. While Romelu Lukaku can play in multiple striker playing styles. Due to his pace, he can be running in behind or as a Target Man or even as a false nine or a poacher.

Hakim Ziyech and Kai Havertz have a very much similar playing style of playing as an inverted forward or a Central-Attacking-Midfielder. While the major difference between the two players is their height. Kai, Havertz can also act as a target man to help head the balls down to his teammates.

Christian Pulisic and Callum Odoi are pure wingers who can play on either side of the wings. Tho Callum Odoi can also play as a wing-back.

How Can Chelsea With Their Attacking Forwards Play In A 3-4-1-2?

For this formation, Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner can play as the striker duo. While behind them it could be Kai Havertz playing as the central attacking midfielder. With this system, Timo Werner could alternate between the false 9 roles and have rotations between Havertz. By doing so they could have two forwards who could head the fall down and act as target men. The other option is for Timo Werner to play as the striker to run wide and in behind when needed. Romelu Lukaku can play as the target man who could hold the ball or head the ball as a pass. While Havertz could free roam in the midfield to find pockets of spaces and pass lobbed balls behind the defensive line

Which players can be used to utilize the 3-4-2-1 formation?

In this situation, there are two separate systems. One consisting of a false nine and the other with an out and out striker. Taking into Consideration the first with the false nine. Kai Havertz will be the false nine who will drop into the midfield to start play. While the two inverted forwards would be Hakim Ziyech and the other being Timo Werner. In this system, the number 9 would be making runs into the midfield to get the ball into the attacking half. While the two forwards would either run into the half-spaces or even go wide.

In the other system with an Out and Out Number 9, The players in that system would be Romelu Lukaku, Christian Pulisic and Callum Odoi.
In this system due to the striker being given the freedom to play as a target man or as a poacher or even one to run in behind. While the wingers could act as pure wingers and play wide and stretch the defence. If they wish they could also come deep to create an overlap on that side of the pitch.

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