Eberechi Eze says: “I just love watching them,” on some world class midfielders

Crystal Palace

One of the young players currently making waves in the premier league is Eberechi Eze. Speaking on the YouTube channel of Sky Sports, the 25-year-old talked about some of his colleagues and those who motivate him.

Football’s finest attacking midfield players in the world are from the Premier League. Like James Maddison, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin De Bruyn and Martin Odegaard are such names with the class.

Eberechi Eze loves to watching Odegaard and many more

Regarding Bruno Fernandes and Odegaard in particular, Eze responds that although he doesn’t exactly base his style of play on them. He does love watching them play.

Talking to Sky Sports: The crystal Palace player was asked:

“These two (Fernandes and Odegaard), they don’t play the exact same role as you, but they’re kind of in that 10 space, are these players you’re looking at and modelling your game on?”

Eze said: “I wouldn’t say I’m modelling their game on them, but I watch these players and they’re highly creative. I would say my style is different to them, but I enjoy watching them for sure,”

Both Eze and Odegaard are absolutely outstanding attacking midfield players, yet they each excel in a different way.

Odegaard is more of a conventional playmaker, whereas Eze is much more of a ball carrier and a flair player.

Odegaard enjoys using his passing to influence games in unexpected ways.

Although maybe the next generation will talk about Eberechi Eze the same way he talks about the captain of Arsenal.

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