David Ornstein hints Arsenal may have late transfer window move


David Ornstein has shared the information that he has been given about the plans that Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal have in the January transfer window.

The Athletic reporter has noted that what he has to say may not necessarily please Arsenal fans.

So, what has David Ornstein said about Arsenal’s January transfer window plan? Let’s take a look.

Arsenal planing transfer in January

Well, David Ornstein was doing a Q&A in The Athletic on Thursday, and, as you would expect,

The well-known and well-respected journalist was asked about the plans that Arsenal have in the January transfer window.

Ornstein has said that Arsenal could do something reactive. The reporter has said that the Gunners do not expect big deals this month,

But the North London club could make moves towards the end of the window.

The reporter said: “It wouldn’t surprise me if they ended up doing something reactive towards the end of the window

Purely because they are always attentive to the market, they are short in places and we can never say never in this industry.

“But as I have consistently reported, Gunners financial position dictated that this was expected to be a quiet window and still to this point I am not aware of anything meaningful developing yet.

“That’s not to say work hasn’t gone on behind the scenes to identify and prepare options in multiple positions for now, summer and beyond.

But whether any of those can or will be acted upon before the end of the month is another matter altogether.

It will largely depend on whether and which players leave and what space and finance that would create to do business the other way.

“Sorry for the boring answer but, to my knowledge, it’s the reality. Arsenal really need to get their existing players

Who are proven to deliver the results the club wants to rediscover their best form. That seems to be a bigger issue right now than recruitment.”

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