Conor Gallagher thinks, the 38-year-old Brazilian is the silent leader of chelsea


Conor Gallagher said his teammate Thiago Silva thst is a tremendous leader on the pitch. Even when he doesn’t have the captain’s armband.

Blues brigade sailed their journey this season packed up with young troops. But as we know big clubs always has big issues. And those issues, a responsible senior figure should be must in the dressing room. Currently the Brazilian is playing role at Chelsea.

This summer, Reece James took over as club captain, with Ben Chilwell serving as vice captain. This season, we have also witnessed Conor Gallagher, as sometimes he also wear the armband.

Conor Gallagher thinks Thiago Silva is a silent leader

In the gang of young talents, Silva and Starling are the only guys with immaculate maturity.

Even Silva has participated  in every Premier League game this season despite being 39 years old.

Gallagher said via The Telegraph:

“Reece James has been one of Chelsea’s best players in recent years when he’s been fit and he’s come through the academy, so he got the armband. You could say Thiago Silva but everyone knows he is a leader that doesn’t need an armband, he’s still a massive leader on the pitch himself.”

Few days ago, Harry Redknapp argued in his column for The Sun that Silva remains Chelsea’s best player right now. He’s undoubtedly still being discussed for that!

He signifys, someone don’t need to yell to set an example when he or she accomplished the kind of football career Silva has.

It’s important to keep in mind that he signed in 2020 as a free agent. One of the best deals London giants have ever had.

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