Chelsea- Thomas Tuchel was always frustrated by this player’s slow passing

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Thiago Silva’s slow build-up was always a frustration point for Tuchel. As per The Athletic, Tuchel got frustrated because of Silva’s “lack of urgency”.

The Brazilian however is known to play the game at his own pace, mainly because of the qualities he possesses.

There is no need for him to rush when he can deliver a quality game at his own pace.

This has been his style throughout his career, especially in the latter stage of his career.

Despite this, reducing the game by half the speed did not quite ‘impress’ Thomas Tuchel.

Tuchel always wanted his defenders to play it wide to wing-backs so they can progress quickly to get involved in the attack.

Silva was no more in the plan?

Antonio Rudiger and Christensen, both were great players of the ball and good defenders also. However, both of them left for La Liga, as they transferred to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona respectively.

This resulted in Tuchel demanding replacements for them from Todd Bohely. According to Athletic, he wanted at least two new defenders to replace Thiago Silva.

Boehly ultimately responded to the demands by signing Koulibaly and Fofana. Both the defenders joined the Blues with great expectations but till now, have failed to fulfill those expectations.

Throughout this all, Silva was the savior to both Tuchel and now Graham Potter.

This surely proved the importance of quality of defending over other factors.

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