Ben Foster suggests the Chelsea captain instead of Reece James.

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Premier league legend, Ben Foster suggests that who should’ve been the Chelsea captain in place of Reece James this season. The 40 year old former Stoke City goalkeeper believes that James was a wrong choice when he was made the captain. The 23 year old England international took over the captain’s responsibility for the blues at the start of the season. Moreover, people still believe that James is a perfect choice for the Captain’s armband. Reason?because he’s come from the Chelsea youth academy. Furthermore, Reece James is a pure Chelsea fan. Because of this, we think that he can carry the team. But captaincy doens’t depends on this thing. It should be given to the most experienced player in the squad.

As per Chelseachronicle, Ben Foster thinks that Thiago Silva is a perfect fit for the captain’s spot. Moreover, the Brazilian has played in every minute of the league for the blues this season.

” Reece James is a Ferrari. In his prime, he can cause nightmares for the attackers. In addition to that, he can make deadly runs through the wings. After getting the captain’s spot, there’s too much pressure on him because expectations are high from the 23 year old. Captaincy should be given to Thiago Silva instead. Because that’ll release the pressure of James who just wants to play football.” – Ben Foster said.

Ben Foster suggests that pressure should be lifted off Reece James.

Reece James is just 23 years old. According to Foster, he should first get regular playing time. Moreover, the player should focus on getting as much experience as possible that’ll only come with increased playing time. To be more precise, if James has a considerable amount of experience as a player, then there’s no problem if he’s made the captain. Because at that level of experience, he can handle the pressure well. As of now, the right back is suffering from injuries and suspensions. He even got sent off in Chelsea’s 4-1 defeat to Newcastle United.

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