Arsenal Are Interested in Signing Lautaro Martinez From Inter Milan

Arsenal is keen on signing the Argentina International Lautaro Martinez. The 23-year-old striker plays for Inter Milan helping them win the Seria A last season. Arsenal would like to do a player swap deal + cash to sign Lautaro Martinez.

Lautaro Martinez last season played 38 games scoring 17 goals and assisting 6 in the title-winning league. He also won the Copa America with Argentina this year scoring 3 goals in that competition as well. Currently, Lautaro has two years left on his contract and is valued at £72.00m by Transfermarkt. To lure him to the Emirates would be quite a tough transfer. The club also doesn’t have Antonio Conte as their manager this season. Currently, it is reported that Arsenal would like to give Hector Bellerin to Inter Milan and a certain amount of cash for Lautaro. The wages won’t be difficult for the clubs to negotiate but the transfer fee might take longer.

Lautaro Martinez plays in a front two for club and nation. He tends to play as the secondary striker, the one who runs into spaces. Having a tendency of staying central when the ball is lost in transition and to pick it up wide. Last season he was in the top 98% of strikers for interceptions made. Also averaging 3.73 shots and 6.97 shots per 90. Being just 23 years old, Lautaro has a higher celling to improve as well.

How will Lautaro Martinez help in Improving Arsenal?

In Inter Milan, Lautaro played in a front 2 with Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku played like the dominant target man while Lautaro played as the striker to get the second ball. This partnership was quite dynamic as each players playing style complimented the others. While Lukaku stayed central, Lautaro could go wider or deeper into the midfield to collect the ball. As displayed by his average positions, he is a striker who likes to wander around the pitch to find spaces.

For Arsenal, Lautaro Martinez can play as the main striker like for Argentina. With his tendency to get in behind the defensive line, Arsenal can play through balls to him. While he might be forced to play central, with the Number 10 they could rotate positions to confuse the defence. Due to his height, he won’t be able to play as a target man. He could also be playing the striker position in a 4-3-3. With Saka on his left and Pepe on his right.

This transfer seems rather tough to achieve as Arsenal are out of the European tournaments this season. Due to this their budget/strength in the market would be comparatively lower. If Arsenal can complete the Lautaro Martinez transfer, it would be an upset for the rest of the league. With every single club improving defensively, the next position for most is the striker position. With the amount of young talented strikers not being that great, it will be amusing to watch where they all sign by the end of this season.

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