Arsenal fan girl faces counterblast after took part in matches wearing body paint

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Arsenal fan girl Arabella Mia has received backlash after she appears at gunners matches wearing body paint.

Arabella Mia who is famous by the name of GreenGirlBella on various social media platforms grew viral subsequently painted Arsenal’s away kit on her body.

She has 350k followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on Tiktok.

Last Sunday Gunners decisive 1-0 win against Manchester City, ‘She did this awkward activity at Emirates’ claimed sum of people.

Following the incident, Mia faces lot of backlash in the internet.

The Reply from Arabella Mia

On this nonstop criticism Arabella Mia commented via Daily star:

“This time, I’ve had a lot of backlash from on Twitter, which I haven’t had for the last like three times.” Mia said “Nobody says anything to my face. Like, I always get people asking for pictures, like families and stuff like that. It’s never an issue when I’m there.”

“I speak to the like, the police come over to me and they’re always like, Oh, you look amazing, or the stewards. you know, every single time that I’ve gone out.

“I think it’s mostly just the fact that people don’t know the difference between indecent exposure and people are looking at it and thinking, okay, there’s kids there.”

Mia even declared the counterblast can’t change her mindset. He added: “But in my brain, I’m like, I’m fully covered. Not even my nipples are showing. The only thing that you can see is a bit of underboob. If you’re looking at me, like I’m an object that is to be looked at and sexualised that way.”

“It’s just such a shame because obviously, you know, I stand there for four hours, and go and have a great time at the game, especially when we win. And then what I come home and I’ve just had so much abuse this time around.”

She will do this type of stuff in future as far she revealed: “I’m still gonna do it. I mean, the thing is, it’s my thing now, I think that it’s gonna happen. I will continue doing it. And people should always feel comfortable in their own body no matter what they look like.”

Mia has thoughts that her intentions weren’t wrong. However it was netizens who objectify her she claimed.

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