Why Is The Manchester United Debut Of Cristiano Ronaldo Anticipated?


Cristiano Ronaldo is set to make his debut for Manchester United Against Newcastle in the Premier League. For the Manchester United fans, it feels like a moment of Déjà vu. This comes after the fact that Ronaldo had played in a Manchester United shirt back in 2004. At that time, he was a young Portuguese winger from Sporting Lisbon.

For the fans of the Premier League, this Transfer has now confused many on the outcome by the end of this league. Before the Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer was confirmed by Manchester United. It was believed by most that the league was a two-team race between Manchester City and Chelsea. This thought was embedded into many individuals due to the squad depth each team has. It is logically possible for each to have two starting 11’s. With each time being better when compared to half of the teams in the league. But with the Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer, everything changed. With the previous signing of Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho, Manchester United was nearing building a title-winning team. The majority agreed that the team lacked a defensive midfielder who can replace Matic. Or be able to play as a destroyer in the number 6 position.

Ronaldo is a serial striker who can head the ball and play as a poacher. Manchester United will need to firstly transition their system to suit the playing style of Cristiano Ronaldo. It must be stated that he isn’t the same player he was when he had joined the league the first time. Back then he was an out and out winger who wanted to dribble and take the ball forward using skills and tricks.


Why Is Everyone Pumped To See Cristiano Ronaldo Play In the Manchester United Jersey?

While there is a hint of nostalgia that is hyping up this debut for many there is another reason. Ronaldo hasn’t been quite the player since he left Real Madrid. Due to his age and realising the need to converse his energy and stamina, the player stopped pressing drastically. While many would state his killer instinct for goals would balance this, it must be said it is not completely balanced. During the Euros, it was evident to most that Cristiano Ronald for most of the matches didn’t help defensively. Thus, leaving the other 10 men to defend in a deep block. Thus, the likes of Bruno Fernandes couldn’t play as often as the player helps defensively but needs the ability to free roam. Due to his, there would be massive gaps left on the pitch by Portugal to be attacked.

One must also note that the Premier League is one of the most physically demanding leagues in the world. While Cristiano Ronaldo is a pinnacle of the human physique, the player is 36 this year. With age, players tend to lose that extra step in pace and ability to push themselves through. It will be interesting to watch the change in the system Manchester United deploy. A system to benefit the likes of Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo play at their best.

While Cristiano Ronaldo broke the records for the faster shirt sales in the league. It will be expected for the player to at least challenge for the golden boot this season.

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