Why Manchester United Could Have A Clear Pathway To Sign Erling Haaland?

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There have been many rumors and news articles on the Transfer of Erling Haaland during this Transfer Market. Even with so much news, there wasn’t a confirmed transfer this season. But there is something very unique about this move because one club requires a Striker. Manchester United hasn’t been linked to many strikers this season, and this might have a certain reason behind it.

Currently, the most valued Strikers in the world right now according to Transfermarkt are:

  1. Kylian Mbappé (Valued £144.00m)
  2. Erling Haaland (Valued £117.00m)
  3. Harry Kane (Valued £108.00m)
  4. Romelu Lukaku (Valued £90.00m)
  5.  Joao Felix (Valued £72.00m)

Currently, the players on most people’s minds are Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. Kylian Mbappe is quite a unique situation as well. He has right now just one year left on his current contract with PSG. The player has been heavily linked to join Real Madrid next season on a free transfer. Mbappe could also renew his current contract and stay with PSG due to the club signing Lionel Messi this season as well. Many would feel the player’s current spotlight would be taken away from him due to this transfer. But it is otherwise as Messi doesn’t play as a striker anymore and prefers being the number 10 of the team. The Kylian Mbappe Transfer sage would get really intense when we reach close to the winter transfer market. This is so as the player could sign a pre-contract with any other club from any other league


How has the English Premier League teams dealt with the Striker Transfer?

Harry Kane has been the most interesting Transfer Saga of the season. With reports of the play also missing training to display his wish to leave this season. Currently, Manchester City wishes to break the British record transfer twice in a season by offering £150m. A person with basic football, knowledge would say this transfer is too overpriced. In reality, it isn’t for the simple reason that he is the Captain of the England National Team and the Sponsorships that come with it. And also, the hidden English Tax. For the Erling Haaland transfer to happen, we shall assume Harry Kane joins Manchester City.

Chelsea was linked with Erling Haaland, but as Dortmund had already sold Sancho this season, the asking price was placed at £175 million. Chelsea instead went on to sign Romelu Lukaku for a fee of £97million. With this out of the 3 clubs who needed a Striker this season 2 have already signed the player, they want to play in that position.

How Does This Clear The Path for Manchester United To Sign Erling Haaland?

Current the Top teams who can actually sign him in this situation would be Bayern Munich and Manchester United. It has been reported that next season that the release Clause of £70m shall become active. Bayern does have quite the monopoly in the German League to be able to negotiate a deal but it would be unlikely. Unless Haaland wishes to be another player who makes the shift to Bayern and Robert Lewandowski leaves the club this move won’t happen.

On the other hand, Manchester United has Cavani until the end of this year after which he could leave on a free. With the other teams already having talented Strikers, no one would even try to sign the player for that fee. Currently, the two players who can play that role are Antony Martial and Mason Greenwood. The club if they want to get Haaland will mostly sell them off from Martial and keep Greenwood. Greenwood being English and homegrown fills the quota for the club’s squad. With the signing of Jadon Sancho as well and the bond Haaland and him created in BVB. It’s not such a long shot to see that the Sancho transfer was done to lure Haaland as well.

If played to the “T” in a very strategic manner, these chess pieces can help Manchester United Sign Erling Haaland on a cheap. While the players Market could skyrocket if the play has another season similar to last season. If they do sign Haaland next season with the hypothesized transfers taking place. The 2022-23 season of the EPL shall be one of the most exciting ones the world has ever seen.

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