Why Forcing Harry Kane To Stay At Tottenham Is A Miscalculation

Bertrand Traore

Harry Kane is set to stay this summer with Tottenham Hotspur after the entire transfer saga during the Summer Transfer Window. While many of the fans would be rejoicing, it could be said that this decision by the club could lead to a massive miscalculation. It must be stated that currently, Harry Kane has 3 years left on his current contract with Tottenham Hotspur.

Harry Kane last season was the top goalscorer as well as provided the most assists. While many times these two records are split between a striker and midfielder. Harry Kane last season was nothing but top-notch. But even the player contributing over 30+ goals last season, Tottenham just finished in the 7th position. This qualifying them for the UEFA European Conference League. While at one point it would seem improbable for a player of his level to be in such a competition. One must blame the mismanagement by Tottenham concerning their transfers in the past few years.

It had been reported by many that Manchester City was very keen to sign Harry Kane this summer. This later was confirmed by Pep Guardiola stated that the club went to quite the extreme lengths to sign the player. It has been reported that Manchester City was willing to pay over £150 million for Harry Kane. That Transfer in itself would have made Harry Kane the most expensive English Transfer ever. This would also lead to Manchester City break the English Transfer record two times in the same season.

This would have made Manchester City the immediate favourites to win the League as well as the UEFA Champions League.

Why Did Tottenham Decide Not To Sell Harry Kane This Summer?

In the football aspect, Tottenham hotspur totally relies on Harry Kane for his goal contributions. The player last season was a major part of nearly 30% of the total goals scored. While the player was very important for the Jose Mourinho style of player. He helped the team in the attacking transition. If Harry Kane wouldn’t be an of the team, it would lead to a massive downfall for Tottenham.

Concerning the commercial aspect, Harry Kane is currently the Captain of the English National Team. Due to this, the club receives a lot of revenue in the form of advertisements and sponsors. While one should note that this helps the club a lot as a way to keep their financial sheets balanced.

Why Was This A Wrong Decision?

Currently, Harry Kane is 28 years old and has three years left on his current contract. If the player does want to leave as a free agent he could only at the game of 31. While not very old it would be past his prime. With each season, Harry Kane’s contract reduces by a year and his market value will fall gradually due to this. If this season due to the transfer Saga drama this summer, Harry Kane doesn’t play at his best. The player’s value would immediately fall.

Harry Kane is considered to be the third most valuable Footballer in the World right now. The others who are higher than him being Mbappe and Haaland. While next season Mbappe would be a free agent if he doesn’t sign a contract extension. Erling Haaland has a release clause of 70 million Euros which will be activated next season. Due to this many clubs in the Premier League would be eyeing Haaland and trying to sign him rather than Harry Kane next season.

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