Who is an Azure Security Engineer and How Can You Become One after Passing Microsoft AZ-500 Exam?

Microsoft AZ-500

Azure Security Engineers are talented individuals capable of maintaining the overall security features within an organization. These individuals are skilled with the MS-101 Practice Test features including the protection of access to identity, apps, networks, and other data stored in a hybrid cloud environment.

They also manage the exposure remediation, threat modeling performance and protection implementation, security posture management, and are knowledgeable of which actions to take if the security incident has been escalated.

In this article, we will have a brief overview of who Azure Security Engineers are and how attempting AZ 500 can help in becoming one.

Why Having an Azure Security Engineer in the Team is Important?

Every team that is dealing with cloud storage must have security engineers on its team working for the administration and security commission. These individuals are not only responsible for protecting the company’s data but the data of customers as well. They are overall capable of making things flow smoothly without stumbling upon any unforeseen circumstances on Azure platform.

Security Engineers can protect data, applications, and other information in the private cloud, public cloud or across hybrid environments. Further, they can remarkably carry out security operations, identity, data, and access management, and networks protection at all costs.

They are acquainted with how to MS-500 Practice Test threats and how to protect Azure platform from them. They are also proficient in implementing the developed firewall that protects the cloud data from any leaks and cyber-attacks.

The Demand For Security Engineers in IT Sectors

Every IT firm or any organization that works in Microsoft Azure platform and provides IT solutions, networking, and technological services must have security engineers on the board. These specialists are also named network engineers, cybersecurity engineers, cloud-security managers, etc. You won’t find any big company that doesn’t have them be it Google, Apple, Bing, Twitter, etc. or any small firm.

Moreover, the boom in the IT sector and the rising demand for resources with skills have contributed to the development of the security sector resulting in an increase in demand for security engineers. This can be seen on the average salary such specialists earn yearly. Thus, as stated on the MS-700 Practice Test,  the average salary that the Azure security engineers earn is about $126,732 per year.

Scale Up Your Career by Passing the AZ-500 Exam

Those of you who are opting for the career as a security engineer must pass the AZ-500 exam and earn the MS-900 Practice Test : Azure Security Engineer Associate certification. The exam will contain 40-60 questions of various types and will last for 2 hours. It is also priced at $165. The test assesses your skills in Microsoft Azure Security technologies. So, after passing the AZ-500 exam you will be able to:

  • Apply Azure security controls;
  • Identify vulnerabilities;
  • Carry out threat modeling & threat protection;
  • Respond to security incidents;
  • Administer Azure as well as hybrid environments.

Open Doors to your Career as a Certified Security Engineer

Azure Security Engineers are real professionals in all aspects of AZ-303 Practice Test . These are specialists able to implement a wide range of security tools. That’s why recruiters are often on the lookout for such candidates and ready to offer them a generous annual salary.

Taking the AZ-204 Practice Test  is a wise step to increase your skills worth and becoming a Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate. Wish you luck!

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