Troy Deeney sees change B/w Wenger’s Arsenal And Arteta’s Arsenal

Mikel Arteta

Troy Deeney, a Watford legend with an 11-year stint there (2010-2021), acknowledges a significant shift in Arsenal under Mikel Arteta. He commends their newfound tenacity.

Arsenal now have a team that is regularly competing in the Premier League. They could be challenging for the Champions League. They have a Young team that could potentially be one of the best in History. Former Watford star Troy Deeney revealed the key difference between the current Arsenal squad and Arsenal Wenger’s side.

Which contrasts with his past criticism of Wenger’s Arsenal. Deeney previously argued that Wenger’s teams, despite boasting world-class talent like Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, lacked the fighting spirit to overcome challenges.

 Wenger’s team has lacked ‘cojones’

Writing for The SUN Troy Deeney said

 “Those were Arsenal teams you always fancied your chances against.

Arsenal teams you could bully. Arsenal teams could fall apart. famously I aimed at Arsene Wenger’s team after my Watford side beat them at Vicarage Road, accusing them of lacking ‘cojones’.

I certainly cannot imagine taking the p*** out of this Gunners team in the same way. I wouldn’t rate my chances of bullying them, either. Arteta was a serious competitor as a player and his team is the embodiment of how he used to play, not that some of his old teammates shared the same level of desire.

It’s a great testament to Arteta that he has created an Arsenal team far superior in spirit and solidarity to the sides he played in, who were technically better in many areas. This is a team who have won seven straight league games, scoring 31 times and conceding just three. They have scored more goals than any other Prem team this season.

That’s not bad for a club that everyone — including me — was saying needed to sign an out-and-out centre-forward during the January transfer window.”

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