Is Trent Alexander Arnold the best right back in the world?

Premier League player

Trent Alexander Arnold is considered one of the best right-backs over the years. If possibly not the best, the England international is certainly amongst the top 3 especially since 2018. Trent’s offensive abilities are incredible whereas over the years he has improved defensively as well.

Trent has scored 1 goal but has garnered 6 assists in 10 games for Liverpool in the league. He is simply unplayable at the moment and his only competition as of now is Reece James and Cancelo. Cancelo is not considered as a right-back but he is also the best full-back currently with Reece and Trent.

Both of these full-backs are often compared with the legendary Barcelona player Dani Alves.

Dani Alves is considered the best right-back of all time.

There are many metrics to compare two full-backs.

Trent Alexander Arnold vs Reece James

Offensive stats.

When it comes to goals scored, there is no doubt which full-back is better. Reece James has scored 5 goals this season for Chelsea whereas Trent has scored one.

In terms of chances created p90, both have similar numbers but there is a distinction. The majority of Trent’s chances are created from set pieces whereas Reece creates more chances from open play.

As of now, Reece James has a total of 10 goal involvements( 5 goals and 5 assists) whereas Trent has 6. It is notable to say that from the start of 2017/18, Trent has had 38 assists with only KDB and Salah in front. This implies that he is also great at playmaking.

Passing: Trent Alexander Arnold is amazing when it comes to passing but Reece James has better stats surprisingly. Do note this is because Trent attempts more long passes and through balls hence he makes more errors.

Reece James is careful with his passing which explains his success rate.

Defensive stats

Trent Alexander Arnold and Reece James both play in different teams with different playstyles. Chelsea is a team that often does not press that much whereas Liverpool is relentless. The Scousers try to utilise all their players to get the ball back from the opposition in almost every opportunity.

It is because of this playstyle that Trent Alexander Arnold has more interceptions and ball recoveries than Reece James.

Tackles p90 (Source :Fbref)

TAA – 1.4
James – 1.6

Interceptions p90

TAA – 2.0
James – 0.4

Possession won p90

TAA – 7.4
James – 3.9

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