Transfers: Bernardo Silva is close to signing for Barcelona!

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Bernardo Silva is close to making a move towards Camp Nou. According to reports, Silva has told his agent to secure a move to Barcelona. Silva has been a crucial player for Manchester City throughout the years and wishes for a move away from the Etihad.

Barcelona are going through a revamp under Xavi. Xavi is trying to impart his own vision at the club. His playstyle is similar to the one Barcelona employed under Pep Guardiola a decade ago. Xavi wants to create a system that is unique but similar to that of Guardiola. Barcelona have already shown glimpses of the past under Xavi. Although they have a long way to go, they are getting there day by day. Xavi has brought in players that fit his vision like Aubameyang who has fit into the team like a Lego piece.

Silva will fit in easily

Xavi aims to bring several players into the squad all the while showing the exit door to others. Ousmane Dembele and Frenkie De Jong are among players who have shown hints of leaving. Barcelona wants a player to replace Dembele and to start ahead of him. Barcelona have chosen Bernardo Silva as the perfect replacement. Moreover, Silva can play in the midfield as well and could play in the position of De Jong.

Silva can easily fit into the team as well as Xavi implements a version of “Tiki-Taka”. Silva is a City player and is one of the best players in his position. Moreover, Silva is known for his quick feet and effortless passing which is very crucial to the Tiki-Taka playstyle.

Barcelona supporters will be delighted to know that Silva has chosen Barcelona. In fact, Silva has told his agents to make the move as soon as possible. It is possible to see Silva leaving the Blue part of Manchester in the following days.

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