Transfers: Bayern Munich join Arsenal in race for Gundogan

Gundogan City

Bayern Munich have joined the race along with Arsenal for Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan. According to sources, City have told Gundogan that they won’t be extending his contract. As is the case, Gundogan is looking for a move away.

Guardiola will accept a bid in the range of 17m for Gundogan. Moreover, City will be saving 150K in wages if Gundogan leaves.

Earlier, Arsenal were the only team in the run for Gundogan as they needed some experience in the midfield. The Arsenal midfield is in desperate need of experience as they are led by talented youngsters who lack experience. Gundogan seemed like the ideal player to bring in the necessary experience into the inexperienced midfield. Moreover, Gundogan is a flexible player as he can play in the right flank as well.

However, Arsenal won’t be too please with the fact that Bayern Munich has entered the race for Gundogan. Bayern are a huge team who have the ability to challenge for titles, Something Arsenal cannot do at the time. Moreover, Gundogan would be pleased to join Bayern Munich for three reasons. One, he would be able to get almost the same amount of wage as in City, Maybe even more. Two, Bayern have the ability to challenge for titles. Three, he doesn’t have to stay in the Premier League and play for another team, A rival at that.

Arsenal or Bayern: which club should Gundogan choose?

Arsenal are in a transition phase at the moment as they are just finding their rhythm and their place in the League. Moreover, they will be aiming for Champions League football in the coming seasons. Arsenal have the talent to accomplish the impossible however they lack the necessary experience to get them forward. Gundogan is the ideal recruit as he has a knack for winning trophies and could bring in the much-needed work ethic into the squad.

Bayern on the other hand needs a midfielder as they haven’t been able to fill for Thiago so far. However, if there is one player who could fill in that role, It is Gundogan. Although, Gundogan is more of an attacking midfielder than Thiago who plays a central role and links up attacks. All things considered, Gundogan is still a great addition nonetheless.

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