Transfers: Arsenal to sign a different striker?

Florian Grillitsch

Arsenal have shown interest in Gabriel Jesus since January. The Gunners have lacked an experienced striker since last season as their lead striker were out of touch.

Graeme Bailey have said earlier that Arsenal have the opportunity of signing Gabriel Jesus however he also said they should keep an eye on Richarlison‘s situation.

Bailey has given his views on Arsenal moving in for Jesus.

“I think there are some legs in this one yet. Arsenal are trying, there’s a chance, but I’d keep an eye on other players such as Richarlison, a player we know Arsenal like and have liked for a long time, his people are close to Edu, so I think he’s a player whose name will come up again and he may end up being more likely than Jesus, but the next big thing for Jesus is his decision on this new Man City contract.”

Jesus is out of favors and Arsenal’s desperation

Gabriel Jesus will soon run out of favors at Manchester City as City have signed Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez. Both players are prolific goalscorers, especially Haaland who is one of the best footballers in the world. This would mean lesser game time for Jesus and hence he has to make a choice. City have already told Jesus that he is free to leave. It is up to him to make a choice whether to stay in City or move away.

Arsenal needs a new striker as they have no experienced strikers in their squad. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang left the club in January for Barcelona which has been lighting it up. They do have Eddie Nketiah however he has only a year left in his contract and Arsenal have not made much headway in the deal so far.

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