Thierry Henery states Arsenal Midfielder as ‘Dennis Bergkemp-LIKE’


Arsenal Legend Thierry Henery has louds Arsenal Midfielder Dennis Bergkamp Like. After Arsenal’s Win against Porto. Arsenal Legend Theirry Henery was present there.

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 second-leg clash against Porto on Tuesday night.

The lone goal of the tie arrived in the 41st minute of the second leg, with Arsenal ultimately prevailing over the Portuguese side 4-2 in a dramatic penalty shootout following a 1-1 draw.

Henry, an Arsenal legend, commended Odegaard for his exquisite through-ball that set up Leandro Trossard’s composed finish to level the scoreline at the Emirates Stadium.

Leanardo Trossard scored the one and only Field Goal of the match. Making Aggregate Score 1-1. Thierry Henry lauded the Belgium international for his efforts by sharing that ‘I worked with him on this type of finish’, as he told CBS Sports on Paramount+.

What Odegaard did when the ball came back here. Is that Bergkamp-like :Theirry Henery

It was a long ball that Arsenal played. They recovered the ball and the ball went on the outside. We all know when this guy (Odegaard) has the ball on his left foot and Trossard, I worked with him on this type of finish. He has plenty of those. That’s what I was talking about, that long ball. At times, you have to be a bit direct.”

What I like here is what Odegaard did when the ball came back here. Is that Bergkamp-like? Yes, very much so. The way he shifted the ball back onto his left foot, to find that little pass that went in between the leg of the player, to make sure Trossard was going to finish it and he finished it ever-so well.”

it’s a Trossard finish because, I can tell you, in training when we were playing, in the national team, he has that in his locker and we saw it with Brighton too,” the Frenchman replied.

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