Richard Keys urges the Premier League to make a certain decision soon

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Richard Keys has called on the Premier League to prohibit players from creating holes in their football socks, citing Conor Gallagher’s torn socks during Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea on Saturday evening.

Many footballers opt for socks with holes as they believe it can prevent injuries. They perceive tight socks as potentially causing muscle injuries.

What did Richard Keys mention about the scenario?

To alleviate calf discomfort, numerous players, including Gallagher, Bellingham, Saka, and Walker, resort to cutting holes in their socks. Meanwhile, Keys, advocating against this trend, voiced his dissent on social media.

“Enough of this nonsense, there’s no need for it. The Spanish have outlawed it (although Bellingham gets away with it). It’s time we did:” said by Richard Keys.

In La Liga, players doesn’t have permission of wearing torn kit and must replace it during a match. However, Bellingham hasn’t faced reprimand for cutting holes in his socks. And his Real Madrid counterpart Brahim Diaz has also adopted this practice. Richard Keys pointed out this fact previously.

Bellingham sustained an ankle injury during Real’s 4-0 victory against title contenders Girona earlier this month. Consequently, he was absent for the first leg of their Champions League last-16 match against RB Leipzig. Real emerged victorious with a 1-0 win, courtesy of a goal by Diaz.

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