Patrik Schick scores a stunner as Czechs defeat Scots 2-0

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Patrik Schick scored a double against Scotland and one of his goals could even be awarded as the Goal of the Tournament. The Czech Republic took advantage of stumbling Scotland defence as the Scot Goalkeeper, David Marshall was well away from the goalpost. His two goals made him the top scorer of this Euro 2020 campaign as of now.

With this win, the Czechs are leading the Group D standings ahead of English national football team, who earlier defeated Croatia by a solitary goal from Raheem Sterling. Whereas the Scottish team find themselves at the bottom of Group D.

Patrik Schick on top form as the Locomotiva look to make it through to the knockout stages

Patrik Schick had reportedly scored the longest ever goal in the European Championship since its inception in 1958. Surprisingly, the goal was scored from the half line and is measured at 54 yards away from goal! However, it is not one of the longest ever in the history of football!

Newport County goalkeeper Tom King had scored a goal almost double the distance, around a whooping 105 yards! However, Schick’s goal was really a slick move! His ability to turn the ball towards the goal and precise power to strike the ball with timing were surely the highlights of this unreal goal.

In an attempt to clear the ball, the 25-year-old chose it to make an attempt towards the opponent goalpost. To his surprise, the Scot goalkeeper, David Marshall was around 35 yards off his goalpost. The shotstopper tried his best to save the goal but unfortunately, he was too late!

“I took a look (at the goalkeeper) to see where he was standing and he was pretty high. I checked it again and fired. “ – Schick said about the goal.

Scotland have a humongous task ahead in the form of facing rivals, England on Friday. Whereas Czechs have to face Croatia, who look to bounce back amidst their current struggles.

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