Paris Saint Germain showing interest in Romelu Lukaku

Premier League player

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku is reportedly on the radar of Paris Saint Germain.

Romelu has regained confidence in Thomas Tuchel’s first XI after his interviews about Inter Milan. He even made an apology statement to the fans.

Tuchel confirmed and himself made a statement about the situation.

“There are zero doubts about Romelu Lukaku’s commitment to the team. He is very committed. That’s why it was so surprising. He never created any problem. I hope the supporters can take this also and support the team as they always do. It’s time to move on”.

However, despite the problem being over now ,there are doubts over Lukaku’s long term commitment. Chelsea have made it clear that they will not sell Lukaku this year.

According to El Nacional, The Blues will be open to selling Lukaku to Paris Saint Germain for £75 million. The French outfit are already scouting a replacement for Mbappe who is very likely to leave for Real Madrid.

Lukaku has a contract with Chelsea till 2026 and has 8 goals and 2 assists in 20 games.

How will Lukaku help the underperforming attack at Paris Saint Germain?

Paris Saint Germain have struggled a lot , particularly Messi and Neymar have underperformed. Mbappe is solely performing but currently their trio have the same attacking playstyle. 

All three of them are  excellent creative players with no set role for any of them. As stated before ,Mbappe is likely to leave for Real Madrid. Lukaku can fill the void at Paris Saint Germain and his playstyle will provide definitive roles for Neymar and Messi.

Neymar and Messi can play like wingers as they did together at Barcelona whereas Lukaku can opt a central role as a poacher.

Lukaku is amongst the best in the world at shielding the ball from defenders and is great at finishing. He is weak at one on one duels with defenders since his dribbling is not great.

This problem will solve itself at Paris Saint Germain where Lukaku and the trio will have a definitive role.

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