Newcastle United vs Leicester City: Match Preview & Predicted Lineup


At the weekends, there always remains a good amount of delicious scrumptious meal for the football lovers. This weekend is not going to be an exception.

The number of matches in this weekend totals to 7 of which Man City vs Wolves match has been postponed. But there are 6 matches to take place. One of the encounter is Newcastle United Vs Leicester City.

Current Position of Newcastle United; They have secured just 34 points from 31 games and currently they are in 15th position in a league of 20 teams contest. They have suffered 13 loses so far. Their goal difference is -20.

Current position of Leicester City; The foxes are relatively in better position as they have played two games less than Newcastle and have secured 40 points so far. Their goal difference is far better than that of Newcastle United, -3.

If we talk about their current forms , here Leicester City are also ahead of Newcastle. Though Newcastle have won their last match one-nil against Wolves, but their current form is not soo good. They had suffered consecutive 3 defeats before the last match that have put their confidence down. But the foxes are undefeated in their last 3 matches.

It would appear to be David vs Goliath but that may not be the actual scenario. It’s home match for Newcastle and they are quite equipped to face the Foxes. Once in this season they were under relegation. They were continuously at no.18 or 19th position and seemed to be relegated from the league. But it is their pedigree and resilience that have helped them to bounce back in current time. They inspite of not remaining in championship , they made some big signings that helped them to make it possible.

The Foxes have clinched 7 points from last 3 games and they will look to keep their momentum up. Meanwhile some big stars will remain unavailable for this match like Trippier from Newcastle and Jamie Vardy from the Foxes.

Stars to watch; Though the football lovers will miss Trippier or Vardy but some players will definitely be at centre of attraction. The Paraguayan legend Miguel Almiron will be there. Besides Guimeras, the Foxes goal keeper Kasper Schimichel will also expected to play a great match.

Ultimately it’s going to be worth the watch.

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