Micah Richards says Kai Havertz has changed at Arsenal


Micah Richards has recently observed a notable shift in Kai Havertz demeanor at Arsenal, indicating a newfound contentment that was seemingly absent during his tenure at Chelsea

Since his transfer to Arsenal from Chelsea in the summer of 2023. Kai Havertz has rapidly become a pivotal figure in the team’s lineup. His consistent goal-scoring prowess has solidified his status as a key player for the Gunners.

Havertz new force at Arsenal attack

Under the guidance of manager Mikel Arteta, Havertz has been thriving in the role of a false nine, a position that leverages his technical skills and strategic playmaking abilities.The 24-year-old German international, who previously clinched the UEFA Champions League title with Chelsea, experienced initial challenges in adapting to Arsenal’s playstyle.

However, his recent performances suggest that he has overcome these hurdles, displaying a level of confidence and happiness that aligns with Arsenal’s current form.Richards’ comments highlight the transformation in Havertz’s performance.

suggesting that Arsenal’s environment and Arteta’s tactical deployment have allowed him to rediscover his best form, much to the delight of Arsenal fans.

Richards said about Havertz on The Rest is Football podcast:

“Indeed he has (stepped up). And I am glad because obviously it didn’t work out for him at Chelsea. Although he scored the winning goal in the Champions League final against Man City. So he has scored big goals before

.But I just feel like he is really appreciated at Arsenal. At times, a lot of people were doubting him, doubting his position.“I think we all have sort of said that. But Arteta has found a way for him to get to his best form. The way they play, and he looks like he is happy and he has got his confidence back. Which is nice to say.”

Micah appreciated Mikel Arteta for Havertz change.

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