Why Was Mason Mount Absent In Newcastle Clash?

Bertrand Traore

Thomas Tuchel has explained why he left out Mason Mount against Newcastle. Mason Mount was supposed to play but he fell ill overnight. The England international had scored a hat-trick in his previous match.

Despite his absence, Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea still won 3-0 against Newcastle. Tuchel stated that”He should have started but he got ill overnight. We sent him home to London so that we can take care of him and he can recover better.”

Mason Mount vs Phil Foden? Who is better?

In the 2020/21 season, both Mount and Foden had exemplary seasons. Both reached the UCL final whereas Mount won it with Chelsea. Foden won the premier league title with Manchester City. Phil Foden is easily the better dribbler but Mason Mount himself has a diverse role.

Mason Mount has incredible spatial awareness for his age. He not only creates chances but also is well composed and can move the ball around very well. Mount also has a defensive role.

Foden is more pleasing to watch because of his flashy dribbling. In terms of goalscoring, Foden is reliable and Pep often plays him upfront. He does not have a defensive role like Mount does. Despite playing in similar positions their playing styles are different.

Foden has more natural ability than Mount in terms of dribbling. Mount, despite Chelsea’s complex system, is a very intelligent player. 

Concerning modern football, Mount is the more complete player.

 Phil Foden likes to take on players, which is becoming very rare these days.

This season both have already shown great performances. Foden scored a brace and provided an assist against Brighton. This came after Chelsea thrashed Norwich 7-0 in which Mason Mount scored a hat-trick.

Both are great players and should not be compared but appreciated because they are the future of football.

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