Manchester United star dropped after falling foul of ‘rules’ set by Erik ten Hag

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has introduced strict rules to the squad during his early days as coach, however, one player fell foul.

Erik ten Hag has joined the United camp with hopes to bring back the ‘glory days’ to Old Trafford. Moreover, the manager has assumed immediate responsibility and has introduced a strict regime to his men for the new season.

One of the most important aspects of his new ‘rules’ is discipline, which many from the squad have adhered to. However, one player from the Red Devils squad has faced wrath from the gaffer for not following the regime.

United star dropped by ten Hag

According to The Athletic, an unnamed Manchester United player has failed to be punctual during the pre-season tour. In two team meetings, the player had been late which made the gaffer lay down the law to him.

The United boss was to use the player in the training sessions but instead dropped him citing the new rules. Moreover, the manager wanted to send across a message to the squad that discipline must be maintained all times.

Ten Hag has been pushing the squad to compete at a high level and the pre-season results have reflected well. However, there is still more work to do and the gaffer took cognizance during the draw against Aston Villa.

United ten Hag

In an interview post-match, ten Hag said-

“First half was a decent performance, 2-0 up, but, the second half, we came back out of the dressing room, we had control of the game and we gave it away. That’s not good so that is a lesson.

“For the players, for the team, I think we make a lot of progress, a lot of positive aspects. I would say also, at the end, a setback, but it’s also part of the season, a season is not always going up, you also have to have setbacks and have to deal with it.

“They [the players] can have a lot of confidence because they are good but they only have to know we have to work hard and play as a team, then we will have good performances.”

The United manager will hope to get the squad back on track immediately before the regular season kicks off.

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