Manchester United Has Signed Cristiano Ronaldo For £21.4 Million From Juventus

Bertrand Traore

Manchester United has signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus for £21.4 Million. According to Fabrizio Romano, the player wanted to leave Juventus due to financial issues. Juventus wished to get free of the 30 million Euro annual Wages of Cristiano Ronaldo. Due to Covid, many clubs whose financials were heavily dependent on the matchday earnings. They had to crunch out a lot of money due to no fans going to the stadiums. Nor the ability for stadium tours to take place.

While it means quite a bit for Manchester United to resign Cristiano Ronaldo. One should also ask the question of why would a Juventus be willing to sell their top goal scorer. For Juventus, this would be the best case out of the worst case. In this current, if a club had the opportunity to be a fee of an annual wage of more than 30 million. A club would jump on that opportunity. Due to this relief, a club can then event look toward changing its financial strategy in the modern era.

While Juventus didn’t win the League last season due to the inexperience of Pirlo as a Manager. This year under Allegri the club wishes to win the League again. With the likes of Lukaku having left Inter Milan and AC Milan being in their rebuilding phase and investing into the youth. Juventus can win the League with ease.

Manchester United might have been forced into making this move due to the reports that Manchester City was interested. Manchester City was said to be in the lead to sign Cristiano Ronaldo but was still shy to push the move. Due to the player, Ronaldo is, a club will need to play to benefit his playing style.

What Made Manchester United Bite The Bullet On Cristiano Ronaldo?

Firstly it would be the nostalgia of Cristiano Ronaldo and his time at Manchester United before going to Real Madrid. Secondly, because it would have been quite a disappointment in the eyes of the fans if they played for Manchester City. While it is very immense for the club as a whole to have a talent like him in the team. They will now need to push their entire playing style to benefit Ronaldo. Due to this players like Pogba and Bruno shall have a lower scoring output in numbers. Every single play would have him to be a part of due to the calibre of a player Ronaldo is. As a Striker, he needs to be selfish and score as many as he can. Last season Ronaldo had scored 29 goals in the league but only assisted 3 goals.

Manchester United now have no way to hide and will need to challenge to win the league this season. Cristiano Ronaldo is 36 this year. Even with his brilliant physique, he is getting older and his stamina is reducing. He might have at best 2 years of playing at his best and scoring like he is known to have scored. If Manchester United at least don’t win a trophy this season, it will be quite a disappointment.  

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