Manchester United can revive if Ratfcliffe era starts as per Casemiro

Manchester United

In the FA Cup fourth-round tie against Newport County, Manchester United faced challenges before securing a 4-2 victory on Sunday. The defense experienced difficulties. And the wingers exhibited a selfish tendency that manager Erik ten Hag aims to address in future matches.

Despite the challenges, there were positive developments as both Casemiro and Luke Shaw returned from injuries in the match. Although their performances may not be spectacular, the fact that they emerged injury-free is a positive sign for the team. Ten Hag particularly missed the contributions of the Brazilian, who was definitely the player of the season in the previous campaign.

In his second season at Old Trafford, the former Real Madrid superstar did not start in a manner similar to the previous season. He seemed more focused on the attacking aspect of his game and faced challenges in tracking runners. The tactical system implemented by the manager did not provide much assistance, and Casemiro’s form was notably below par. This led to a one-on-one discussion between the manager and the Brazilian midfield general.

What did Casemiro say about to be Manchester United boss Sir Jim Ratcliffe?

Meanwhile, Erik ten Hag, the Dutch manager, will be counting on his star player to help stabilize the team’s performance. As the club currently in eighth place in the league, there is a risk of not qualifying for European competitions. Casemiro acknowledges that this season has been challenging but expresseds confidence in the manager’s ability to address the issues. And thus lead the team to better results, as per in an interview with CNN.

Casemiro expressed strong admiration for British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and believes that Ratcliffe has the capability to guide the club back to the pinnacle of football success.

Casemiro stated:

“He’s already introduced himself to us. I think with his winning mentality and his wins in all sports, it’s always very important to have people that want to continue growing.”

“With his experience he’ll return Manchester United to the highest possible level. We are very hungry to learn, grow and take the club to the highest place.”

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