Luis Diaz transfer creates buzz on and off the pitch

Liverpool transfer
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Luis Diaz signed for Liverpool in the winter transfer window and his signing has already created a lot of buzzes. The 25-year-old signed a deal from Porto to Liverpool for an initial £36.5m. However, that fee could rise to £49m.

The deal was given a big thumbs up by the Liverpool fans because Liverpool hadn’t been expected to do much business in January. Meanwhile, Diaz was bought amidst the interest of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Colombian international made his debut in the FA Cup for Liverpool. The Reds won the match 3-1 in the FA Cup fourth round over Cardiff City at Anfield. He came on as a second-half substitute.

That appearance made him the first-ever Colombian to play for Liverpool. Meanwhile, the title of the first Colombian to sign Liverpool belongs to Anderson Arroyo who joined in 2018. However, he has spent all his time out on loan since then, not featuring for the first team.

Meanwhile, in Colombia, his signing has been seen with great excitement, at a global powerhouse like Liverpool. The Colombian winger is seen as the man who will carry the hopes and dreams of Colombian football internationally now. With James Rodriguez’s stardom had begun to decline, Diaz seems to be the one to keep the expectations.

Luis Diaz signing impact on Colombians

As per journalist Simon Edwards:

“Colombian fans have been willing him on, particularly given his background, that he is from an indigenous family and had a tough upbringing. He was an underdog and to see him come through and become a superstar for the Colombian national team has been really exciting.

Luis Diaz has been a breath of fresh air. Of course he is marketable but he isn’t like a model, he isn’t a superstar who is focused on the press and his image, he is someone who is humble and hungry, and I think that is what Colombians have been drawn to. He is a great talent but also someone who is very hard working and very committed and with that underdog story he represents a region of Colombia that often gets overlooked and doesn’t get what it needs. He is the ultimate underdog.”

Liverpool’s deal with Nike will help them monetize this new relationship with Colombia in a much more lucrative way. Nike will pay a £30m guaranteed sum to the Reds each year. However, it is the 20 percent that Liverpool will receive on the sale of merchandise globally.

Liverpool won’t be able to make back the entire £36.5m paid for the transfer through shirt sales of Diaz. However, it will increase revenue for the Reds. Moreover, it will provide more opportunities for marketing link-ups with firms in Colombia.

The Colombian firms are keen to associate themselves with the superstar. Moreover, they also tie up with the English giants.

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