Liverpool “Rolls Royce” youngster seen in training for the first team

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Liverpool are rotating their squad due to congestion of fixtures. They had the Premier League, FA Cup, and the Europa League fixtures all together. Due to this, Klopp was seen rotating his squad to avoid addition to their long list of injuries this season. Liverpool have had their fair share of injuries this season. And rotation in cases of such fixture congestion is crucial to avoid more injuries and setbacks. Due to this, various youngsters were seen training with the Reds’ first team. This includes a Liverpool player nicknamed ‘Rolls Royce’ by former coach.

One of those players is 17 years old central defender Amara Nallo. Nallo arrived from West Ham last season and became a hit instantly at Liverpool’s youth teams. Along with Nallo, Trey Nyoni was also seen training alongside him. Nyoni is another promising youth prospect at Anfield. Nyoni has already made his senior debut and is better known amongst Liverpool fans.

Amara Nallo, the “Rolls Royce” in Liverpool youth team

Nallo has been praised by Liverpool’s under-21 coach Barry Lewtas back in October,

“Amara was excellent. Him and Carter Pinnington have been playing quite regularly for us so far together. Listen, he [Nallo] is just 16, and I don’t think we’ve ever asked a lad that young to play at centre-back against senior opposition.”

“He should be really proud of his performance. I think the main thing for Amara is he played ever so well but he didn’t let any kind of mistakes or momentum shifts in the game affect him. So he didn’t play like a 16-year-old, that’s for sure.”

The then 16-years-old defender was nicknamed as “Rolls Royce” by West Ham youth coach Carlton Cole. The nickname itself describes the class of the player, even at such a young age.

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