Liverpool FC and Bobby Firmino thrash Watford.

Bertrand Traore

Liverpool along with a sensational hat-trick from Bobby Firmino sealed the deal for them against Watford. The reds remain undefeated in 18 league games as they show to everyone that they are truly a world-class team.

On the scoreline was the trio of Sadio Mane – Bobby Firmino- Mo Salah.

Even though the attacking trio of Liverpool have displayed yet another great performance their midfield goes unnoticed. Jurgen Klopp and the backroom staff have labelled Naby Keita as a “Pressing monster” due to his intense pressing ability. Diogo Jota and Bobby Firmino had earned these titles in the past. The midfield trio fulfilled their duties. They displayed top-class performances. Jordan Henderson and James Milner displayed good pressing figures with 18 and 16 pressures respectively. Among the leading charts is Naby Keita with 23 pressures.

Bobby Firmino to leave Liverpool!?

Diogo Jota’s transfer to Liverpool has reportedly upset Bobby Firmino. Liverpool signed Diogo Jota from Wolves because they needed a central goalscorer. Diogo Jota quickly made it in the starting XI but that makes it worse for Bobby Firmino as his position is not guaranteed. He scored 9 goals in 18 games for Liverpool in 2020/21 as he is a clinical goalscorer. Bobby Firmino is more of a CAM rather than a traditional number 9. In today’s modern game goals and especially goalscorers are given the most importance.

Since Bobby Firmino isn’t much of a goalscorer but rather is a creative player he is likely to leave and join a club where his abilities will be put to use. According to reports, Bayern FC and AC Milan are reportedly interested in Bobby Firmino. FC Bayern Munich is reportedly in a good position to sign Bobby Firmino from Liverpool. Since Robert Lewandowski is nearing retirement as he is 33 years old, Bayern Munich might need Bobby Firmino.

In a similar situation AC Milan strikers Olivier Giroud and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are facing the end of their careers. AC Milan has already made a comeback and have skyrocketed to second place after years of disappointment.

The once legendary AC Milan have certainly garnered a good squad and Liverpool striker Bobby Firmino would make it even better for them.

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