List of Fines made by Aston Villa boss GONE VIRAL!

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Steven Gerrard has outlined a list that contains fines if certain conditions are not met by the Aston Villa players this season.

The Villa boss expects standards in his squad and been very strict listing out rules to follow and fines. Gerrard joined the club last season midway helping the club secure the 14th spot in the Premier League table.

The gaffer is on course to manage the side in his first full campaign in the forthcoming season. Moreover, the club has made signings this summer in the transfer window that could help them compete against the other clubs.

Aston Villa Boss lists down Fines

Villa boss Gerrard expects his squad to comply with rules and have utmost strictness both on and off the pitch. The gaffer has laid down the law to players ensuring that appropriate action will be taken if things aren’t followed.

A picture regarding the fines is making rounds on social media and has given fans an insight into the rules set by Gerrard. Also, the list was shared online, and below is a glimpse of the fines set by the gaffer for the players.

Clearly, the gaffer does not want any sort of unprofessionalism in the squad and behaves at the very best level. The glimpse of the ‘brutality’ of the fines could be of great use to the players in the long run.

Many times, players have been involved in nonsensical issues that aren’t remotely related to football. Moreover, there are examples of players ruining their careers due to being involved in sensitive issues.

The rules and the fines to comply are for the greater good as it helps bring discipline within the squad. Moreover, Frank Lampard with Chelsea back in 2019 implemented a similar list for the players to follow.

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