Lionel Messi Could Be On His Way To Manchester City Or PSG.


Lionel Messi could be on his way to the Premier League after Manchester City are keen on getting him. Lionel Messi shall not be resigning with Barcelona for the coming seasons. This comes after the club could not be in terms of the La Liga Financial structure. As confirmed by Barcelona on their official website, Messi is a free agent now. I won’t be lying but this news has gotten me stoked. The best player in the world right now can go to any club for free.

The saga has been nothing else than a rollercoaster. When Messi’s contract was close to ending it was reported that he wasn’t going to resign. But in the month of July, news started to emerge that he wanted to resign from the club. Towards the end of the month, Barcelona was reported to be in a massive financial mess due to player wages. Due to this, Messi had agreed to join the club on lower wages. Yesterday when Barcelona and Messi met to sign the new contract. They were informed by Laliga that Messi won’t be able to renew.

Which Clubs Other Than Manchester City OR PSG Can sign Lionel Messi?

Financially there are only certain clubs in Europe that can sign Messi now. Them being Juventus, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and Paris-Saint-German. It has been reported that while in Barcelona, Messi was paid € 1,360,731 per week. Now for many, that’s a transfer fee for a youth player. The chances for Bayern, Manchester United are quite low. For Bayern, they have quite a rigid system in relation to player salaries. Getting Messi to the club with his wages will cause immediate disruption. In the case of Manchester United, the club is currently the club that pays the most weekly wages to its squad. If Messi were to even join, the club would immediately need to sell a lot of players.

Juventus are in a really tough situation to even think of signing Messi. The club has reported wishes to sell Cristiano Ronaldo due to his wages right now. Though this might the dream situation for every football fan right now to see Messi and Ronaldo players together, it is far from coming true. Chelsea is the underdog here. They have the money to sign Messi as it has been reported that they are interested in signing Haaland. This signing if done would be rather a unique one due to the players and clubs’ contrasting playing styles. While Chelsea wishes their players to be more central and attackers to be intense on the press. Lionel Messi prefers to have a free role while conserving his energy on the break. If Chelsea signs Lionel Messi, the club will be on route to European and national success.

Why can Manchester City And PSG Sign Lionel Messi?

Manchester City could be the club Lionel Messi signs for now. This is due to them having the money to sign him for his wages. Pep Guardiola has stated in the past if he could, he would sign Messi to the club. Due to their successful pairing in Barcelona and Manchester City’s playing style, Messi might be the key for Pep Guardiola to win the UEFA Champions League. The Club recently signed Jack Grealish on a 6-year-old deal for over £100 million. In my opinion, Signing Lionel Messi instead of Harry Kane would make sense but in the long run, it would have an effect on the club.

The last club that can realistically sign Messi is Paris-Saint-German (PSG). It had been reported in the past that the club was interested in signing Lionel Messi on a pre-season contract. If Messi were to sign with the PSG, their attacking lineup in the preferred 4-2-3-1 would be: –

  1. Neymar (as the left winger)
  2. Mbappe (in the Striker role)
  3. Angel Di Maria (as the right winger)
  4. Lionel Messi (in the Central attacking Midfield)

Lionel Messi is very close to Neymar Jr and Angel Di Maria which could prompt him to come to the club. The Opportunity to play with Messi could be the reason, Mbappe will resign from the club.

This transfer saga is going to be one that will shake up the world. Whichever club does sign him will be very lucky to sign him on a free but his high wages will feel like a transfer fee. Only time can now tell which club will the Greatest Of All Time sign and play for from the next few seasons.

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