Labour Party leader compares himself to Arteta and says we have many similarities

Mikel Arteta

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has compared himself to Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta. says we both have a lot of similarities.

The interviewer at Times Radio asked him to choose the manager he was most similar to. Being a Gooner he feels “an affinity with Arteta”.

Labour Leader said his party lost their way under previous leader Jeremy Corbyn but changed permanently under his leadership.”

“Arteta and I have turned it around”

He said I am a lifelong Arsenal fan. He has done brilliant work. “That’s an easy one for me at the moment because I feel an affinity with Arteta. The Arsenal manager, because again if you look at his journey. It was hard to turn that Arsenal team around.

To start with people said he couldn’t do it

It came as Sir Keir said £28 billion is “desperately needed” to achieve clean power by 2030.

plans and denied it was “scaling back” policies as this year’s general election looms.

But he again insisted he would only spend the money if it was available under his party’s “fiscal rules”.

Asked about the pledge in an interview aired on Tuesday. Sir Keir told Times Radio: “We’re going to need investment, that’s where the £28 billion comes .”

“You can only understand the investment argument by understanding that we want to have clean power by 2030. We need to borrow to invest to do that.

That’s a principle I believe in and I’m absolutely happy to go out and defend. And of course, what we’ve said as we’ve got closer to the operationalization of this, is it has to be ramped up, the money has to be ramped up, the £28 billion et cetera, and everything is subject to our fiscal rules.

If we look at his statement about how Arteta has turned around the Arsenal. The title race is now a three-way race. Between Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool.

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