Keane and Wright opposed Neville stating Chelsea as bottle jobs

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Roy Keane effectively resolved a contentious debate by addressing the term “bottlers”. That is in response to Gary Neville critically making remarks about Chelsea.

On Sunday, Neville sparked controversy by branding Mauricio Pochettino’s team as “blue billion pound bottle jobs”. That is following Liverpool’s 1-0 Carabao Cup win over Chelsea, sealed by Virgil van Dijk’s extra-time header.

The Sky Sports pundit’s memorable one-liner garnered a mixed reaction, prompting a subtle rebuttal from the Chelsea boss. Neville addressed both Chelsea’s performance and his blunt comment on this week’s episode of Stick to Football. As usual, opinions on his use of the term “bottle” were divided.

Neville said: “I got progressively more angry in extra time with Chelsea. Initially I wanted to use [Todd] Boehly’s name but I didn’t because I didn’t want to personalise it.”

“I thought, shall I say it? Is it too strong? I felt as though it needed to be said.”

Wright said in response: “I think ‘froze’ would have been better to use.”

How did Keane and Wright remark the comments made by Neville?

As the debate intensified, Keane sided with Wright. Thus, expressing his belief that Neville’s criticism of Chelsea was overly harsh.

Keane shared with Neville: “In the next few months if Liverpool don’t win something are we going to say they bottled it?”

Meanwhile Wright replied: “It feels like the narrative now, Gary. Look what happened with Arsenal last year.”

It is indeed true what Neville said at the heat of the moment was harsh, the frustration was clear.

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