Jurgen Klopp makes fun of how Robertson communicates with Nunez


After his much glorious move to Liverpool this season Nunez is still acquainting with his teammates at Anfield.

It is obvious that it would take some time for the Uruguayan to understand Andy Robertson.

Nunez’s move to Liverpool this season is the most recent hyped move that has undergone completion. The 23-year-old completed the much-expected move to Anfield, the previous month. The Reds broke their previous club record of the highest transfer fee by signing Nunez for £85million. This fee was £10m more than Virgil Van Dijk-their previous record signing.

Nunez would have problems communicating with his teammates as he is not fluent in speaking English.

He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and therefore, it is natural that he would have a difficult time adapting to England.

Robertson’s hilarious conversation with Nunez at Anfield

The players who are well acquainted with his language are helping Nunez to coalesce with the team gradually.

In a press conference when asked Robertson how he interacts with Nunez he had a hilarious response to it. Even his coach Klopp had a hearty laugh at it.

Robertson said,

”I don’t think me and him have had many conversations yet, we’ve just kind of smiled at each other.”

Knowing Robertson would take some time for the Uruguayan striker.

As his teammates know him, Robertson is a very hearty, jovial person on and off the field. His Scottish accent and his playfulness are enjoyed by his teammates.

However, once Nunez gets hold of it he would certainly revere him.

Robertson had a collision with his idol, Lionel Messi, in the Champions League back in 2018-19. Moreover, he even pushed Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League this season. Therefore, whenever a teammate gets into trouble, Robertson always comes to his rescue.  He is always ready to fight his life for a teammate.

Hence, it would be interesting to see how Robertson and Nunez coalesce when they play shoulder to shoulder next season.

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