Nagelsmann Demands Handball Rule Overhaul After Germany’s Heartbreaking Defeat

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German Manager Julian Nagelsmann slammed the authority after the penalty was denied in the match between Spain and the host nation. This denied penalty resulted to the exit of the hosts had to exit the competition.

After Germany tied the score in the 89th minute. The match went into extra time, where Spain’s Miguel Merino won in the 119th.

Stuttgart was taken aback by the final goal, but Spain’s summer fairy tale continues. Germany’s second one is over. When there were 65 seconds left in extra time . Penalties appeared to be coming, and players were pulling up all over the pitch, hardly able to move. Dani Olmo clipped in a beautiful ball. Mikel Merino was there, deep in the penalty area. With a head turn, a neck twist, and some luck, the selección was headed to the semifinals and about to become the first team to beat the tournament host on their tenth try.

If the referee had not rejected Germany’s calls for a penalty when the ball struck Marc Cucurella’s hand in extra time, the outcome of the match might have been different.

What a tiring, bruising evening it had been. With 41 shots, 16 yellow cards, and a red card right at the end for Real Madrid’s Dani Carvajal. It was a desperate attempt to set up what could have been a dramatic twist on the dramatic twist, hauled down Jamal Musiala. That might have been either of theirs. Ultimately, though, it belonged to Spain, which had opposed both the old and the modern Germany.

Nagelsmann criticised the choice, pointing out that contemporary technology could streamline the procedure and that it was important to consider the impact of the possible handball by which would have prevented a shot that was certain to be on target.

Nagelsmann’s Reaction

Naglesmann also mentioned that in Football it only could be a penalty if the ball was clearly going for goal.

“You have to see where the shot is aimed. We have 50 robots bringing us coffee, so there should be an AI calculating crosses, shots, where they are going. It’s quite simple. We should really assess where the shot is going, but that is not the only reason we lost the game.”

There was a great unity amongst the players . In six weeks of the process there was not a single situation in which the coach or staff had to intervene . They had a very good atmosphere. Past accusations of not winning were absent .

“I think what was reproached towards the national team in the past, that they didn’t want to win, that they didn’t show enough will to win, I think today you couldn’t see that for one second,” Nagelsmann said.
“The players invested everything on the pitch. I said to them they should take that with them, that we are a country where too much is said in too many situations, looking at many situations with a very dark perspective.”

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