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Football Express welcomes pitches from writers of all levels of experience and from all backgrounds.

To Join Us, We only ask that you have a strong idea and the talent to write it up.


If you’re a journalist with an exclusive you’d like to pitch, or you know something that you think Football Express readers would like to know too, drop our News Editor a line at


We want anything that moves the conversation forward for engaged fans of football. A Football Express feature must:

  • Offer the general reader brand-new information about something they already care about (eg an interview, fascinating bit of trivia, a theory, an explainer, the answer to a burning question)


    • Promise to make the reader think differently about something they already care about (eg a hot take on a new release)

That might make it sound like we’re only interested in the mainstream. We’re not! But if you’re pitching about a League 2 Football as well, it would help your case if your angle appeals to general readers outside the current audience.

We’d love to hear about any talent access you can arrange – interviews, match visits and so on.

To save you time, we don’t generally accept pitches based around:

• General reviews
• Old News, unless there is some major news or something controversial is up.

We are a friendly and conscientious team and we always try to give feedback even when we don’t choose to commission an idea. Thanks to the numbers involved, we have to say “no” far more often than we say “yes”, but don’t be disheartened if that means you – keep coming back!

We look forward to hearing from you.

To join us, fill out the below form or drop a mail to our News Editor a line at

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