Joe Ricketts’ old comment could rule him out from owning Chelsea 

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Following the sanction imposed on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic by the UK government due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Blues are currently in the market for changing the ownership of the club. 

Many billionaires are currently bidding to buy the club. And Ricketts family are one of them who are in the bidding war for the Chelsea football club. 

However, a disturbing quote from Joe Ricketts has sent the Ricketts family way behind in the race for buying one of the most successful football clubs in the world over the last decade. 

Chelsea fans are active in learning about the background of those who are showing interest in buying their football club. And they find a quote stated by Joe Ricketts who also owns the baseball team Chicago Cubs saying, ‘Muslims are my enemy’

The London club is a global brand that has fans all over the world regardless of their religion. And a hefty number of Muslims also support the Blues. The World champions also have Muslim players. Therefore, it will be bemusing to see if the Ricketts family win the bidding war for Chelsea. 

Can Chelsea remain as a great force after changing the ownership? 

Roman Abramovic did a great job in making Chelsea one of the most successful football clubs since becoming the club’s owner. And therefore, the fans love him and they supported the Russians during this period as well. 

However, it will be interesting to see how they can continue to be on the same pathway following the arrival of the new owner. Many American billionaires are bidding. But two of the heavyweights in the Premier League do not have a happy story under the ownership of American billionaires. 

So, the Blues fans will be concerned about their future. If their club is handed to an owner who is not as ambitious as Roman Abramovic in the on-field success. 

Meanwhile, despite the turmoil off the pitch, Chelsea is doing extremely well on the pitch. They beat Lille in the Champions League by 4-1 in aggregate and have now reached the quarterfinals of this competition. 

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