Ian Wright clashed with Gary Neville over Neville’s comments about Arsenal


 Ian Wright has taken umbrage with what Gary Neville has said about Arsenal’s title push last season. Arsenal fell short of clinching the title, leading to varied interpretations of their performance.

Wright has publicly disagreed with Gary Neville’s claim that Arsenal ‘bottled it,’ pointing to significant injuries as the main hurdle.

Ian Wright’s defence of Arsenal against Gary Neville’s critique underscores the complexities of assessing football team performances. As Arsenal stride forward, the interplay of opinions between Wright and Neville highlights the sport’s varied factors influencing team success.

 arsenal are doing brilliantly in the league right now, strengthening the idea that they can go one better than last year

Manchester City proved too strong on that occasion, and William Saliba’s injury was also too difficult to overcome

Ian Wright:  “It seems to be the narrative now

Speaking on the episode of Stick to Football

Ian Wright right wasn’t happy with Neville’s idea that Arteta’s side ‘bottled it’ last season.Neville made the same claims about Chelsea after their defeat to Liverpool in the EFL Cup final last Sunday. Iaright simply wasn’t impressed that every shortcoming in football is now described in such a way.

Speaking on the podcast,Ian Wright said: “It seems to be the narrative now! Every time you don’t do something.“It feels like it. Look at what happened with Arsenal last year.”

Neville replied: “Arsenal last year I called that they would do that and they did, it was a feeling I had.

”Wright: “But why did they bottle it? Why have you got to put that on it?”

Neville: “Why are you not listening to the fact that there were periods in our career where we bottled run-ins.“I admit that’s what happened. You freeze, you get heavy legs, it becomes too much for you. That happened to me.”

Rather than bottling it last season, it just felt as if Arteta had far too many important injuries that he simply didn’t have cover for.

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