How To Bet On Specific EURO 2024 Matches


The EURO 2024 tournament started about a week and a half ago with only a few weeks left. However, there’s still time for you to place bets on specific matches of your choice. With so many bet types to choose from, it could be difficult to select the ones that you are most comfortable wagering on. We will break down these bet types while providing other tips for betting on EURO 2024 matches. 

Analyze Team Form and Statistics

One of the most important aspects for match betting for EURO 2024 is analyzing the odds euro on various bookmakers before and during said matches. Keep up with the EURO 2024 match schedule to learn when each one will take place in your time zone so that you can conduct research as early as you possibly can to gather enough data to make an informed betting choice. 

Recent Performance

Even though EURO 2024 just started, you can evaluate recent performance from not only the past matches from when the tournament started but also performance metrics from the last couple of weeks of EURO 2023. Analyzing other performance metrics of the national teams from earlier in the 2023 to 2024 football season prior to EURO 2024 will give you the insight you need on specific teams in which you are interested in betting. 

Head-to-Head Record

Evaluate the history of various national teams for their head-to-head record. For example, Slovakia versus Romania is taking place on June 26, 2024 within the group stage for Group E. Conduct some research to see if the teams have gone against each other before in other EURO tournaments or in face-offs during the traditional soccer season. Certain teams usually have more advantages over others based on the defensive and/or offensive skill sets of the players for each one. 

Home and Away Performance

How do teams perform when they are on their home turf versus playing at another stadium when they are the away team? Home teams historically have more advantages because they know the layout of their field such as if there are dips or uneven ground in specific areas. Especially if the team has not played at another team’s stadium before, it could be like walking into a surprise. 

Interpreting Team News and Player Injuries

Review news articles about each team’s performance. Are all the players available? If not, what influenced their unavailability? Coaches will also implore tactical changes based on changing player availability. 

Player Availability

Coaches can change the lineup whenever and for whatever reason. If a player gets injured or is suspended for too many disciplinary actions against them, this influences overall player availability to where coaches may have to change the starting lineup to suit the skill set of the remaining available players. 

Tactical Changes

Especially if a star player has been injured or suspended, coaches will have to change their tactics when forming a substitute starting lineup formation. If a star defender is injured and a substitute defender does not have as great of performance metrics, the coach may implement a more defensive approach so that the substitute defender is not under as much pressure. 

Betting Markets for Match Betting

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular betting markets for match betting. 

  • Match result
    • Bet on whether the home team or away team will win, lose, or have a draw. 
    • Marking a 1 equals a home win, 2 is an away win, and an “X” means a draw. 
  • Over/Under Bets
    • Historically a decimal bet for European football.
    • If you bet a team will get under 1.5 goals, the bet will be victorious if they score 1 or less goals. 
  • Both Teams To Score (BTTS)
    • Will both teams score at least one goal?
    • Denoted by marking yes or no.
  • Correct Score
    • Guess the correct final score.
    • Will it be 3-2, 1-0, et cetera?

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