How the new Champions League rules affect the Premier League sides?

UEFA has recently approved and announced revolutionary changes in the Champions League design that will take place from the start of the 2024/25 season.

The current format of the Champions League includes 32 teams across the major leagues from Europe. But this number will go up to 36 teams since the start of the 2024/25 season. Rumours suggested that there could be two places for teams based on previous Europan performances. But that would have been unfair to smaller sides and sides from smaller leagues in Europe.

But that rumour has now been put to bed as UEFA have announced that two of the new four positions would be offered based on the performance of the countries in the previous year of the Champions League.

If the rule came into existence next season, it would mean that the Premier League and the Dutch Eredivisie would receive the two extra spots. This would mean that the 5th spot in the Premier League table would be open to Champions League qualification as well.

If we look at the current standings, it would mean that both the North-London side rivals in Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs would be returning to the Champions League. After missing out in recent seasons. While the Manchester United faithful would be kicking themselves as they are still quite a far way off the 5th spot in the league table.

With the recent success of Premier League sides in the latter stages of European competitions in recent seasons. It could mean that we could see five Premier League sides in the Champions League for a very long time. Until the domination of the Premier League is broken.

Seven Premier League clubs could qualify for the Champions League in a highly unlikely scenario?

With the new changes in the Champions League design from the 2024/25 seasons. There is a very highly unlikely scenario in which seven Premier League sides could qualify for a single season of the Champions League. It would include two Premier League sides winning the Champions and the Europa League. The Champions League-winning side would need to finish 6th in the league. While the top five in the League qualify through the league. The cup winners would qualify through their wins in their respected competitions. This would mean that seven Premier League sides would qualify for a single edition of the Champions League.

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