“he’s left himself open”: Jason Cundy on Jack Grealish Ibiza celebrations


talkSPORT radio broadcaster Jason Cundy has admitted that he’s worried about Manchester City star Jack Grealish as he continues his title-winning celebration in Ibiza.

Jack Grealish lifted his first-ever Premier League trophy as Manchester City made a brilliant comeback late on to beat his former side Aston Villa 3-2 on the final day of the season. The whole Etihad bounced as İlkay Gündoğan scored the 3rd goal complete the fantastic comeback.

The Manchester City faithful will be still very disappointed with the winger’s first season at the club. Jack Grealish made a total of 39 appearances across all competitions this term. During this time he recorded six goals and four assists. (stats via Transfermarkt)

While Jack Grealish was in full flow and celebration mood as he was seen dancing around the pitch. He was later spotted at the club’s open-top bus celebration enjoying drinks and sharing the moment with the fans. He was later seen at Ibiza alongside Wayne Lineker, Gary Lineker’s brother.

“There’s celebrating and then there’s celebrating.”: Jason Cundy criticizes Jack Grealish

Talking about Pep Guardiola’s side lifting the Premier League trophy and the celebration around the city, Jaason Cundy said:

“He is allowed to enjoy himself because the ultimate goal this season was to win as many trophies as they can and it’s his first trophy right? The Premier League, so I understand it. There is a part of me, though, that just worries a little bit for him. There is. Enjoy yourself. But I just think that he’s left himself open. If things don’t go well for England over the next couple of weeks, maybe Gareth Southgate looks at it as well, we’ve got a World Cup coming up.

“There’s celebrating and then there’s celebrating. There’s just a part of me that’s a bit worried and thinks ‘come on Jack, don’t do something stupid or get yourself on the front pages’. There have been moments before he even joined Manchester City where he has got himself into trouble, during lockdown if you remember.”

“Oh come on,”: Jamie O’Hara defends the 26-year-old English forward

While on the other hand co-host Jamie O’Hara defended Jack Grealish. He said:

“Oh come on,” “He’s won the Premier League! All he’s doing is having a good time with his pals, who he’s become really good friends with at Man City.”

“They’re having a laugh and a bit of banter, and then he’s gone to Ibiza – he knows everyone there and they like him. “Come on! “Yes [he has had previous], but Man City knew that when they signed him. They knew what they were signing.”

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