Harry Maguire to continue as Manchester United captain, confirms manager Erik ten Hag

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has confirmed that Harry Maguire will continue as the skipper of the squad for the next season.

The talks regarding who would takeover the captaincy role was under heavy speculation and has finally come to an end. The previous season ended with the club enduring one of their worst performances in recent times.

Moreover, defensively the club leaked away too many goals making the side the worst among the top six clubs. It was even reported that the dressing room was split because few players were not happy with the captain’s performances.

Players demanded more character from Maguire and some even said he lacked the spirit to be a United player. However, new manager Erik ten Hag has confirmed that Maguire will continue his role as the captain of the club.

Maguire to continue as Manchester United Captain

Harry Maguire has had a dismal campaign in the last season and faced a lot of wrath from the fans. The Manchester fans have particularly been very disappointed with the defender unable to make his mark for the club.


Moreover, after bringing him for a heavy fee from Leicester City, many feel that he has been a disastrous signing. However, it appears as though the new gaffer in town has a different outlook on this particular stance.

In an interview, the manager expressed his view on the player and the captaincy role. He said-

“I have to get to know all the players, but he’s an established captain and he’s achieved a lot of success.”

“Harry Maguire is the captain”,

Former United player and Pundit, Gary Neville backed the move to retain his services for the captaincy. He took to Twitter and said-

So, the same Manchester fans fuming with me for applauding the decision to keep Maguire as captain seem to be without knowing criticising the new manager for his decision.

Maybe support Maguire and stop bullying him on here! The new manager obviously likes him.

It remains to be seen if Maguire can turn things around for Manchester at Old Trafford this season.

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