Former player says Chelsea should have signed Rice before Arsenal


Jody Morris has suggested that he was pushing for Frank Lampard to sign Declan Rice player for Chelsea. This is before he ultimately ended up signing for Arsenal in the summer window last year.

Frank Lampard‘s first spell at Stamford Bridge threatened to be a brilliant one for Chelsea. Despite working with a transfer ban, Lampard led the club into the top-four. This is in the Premier League in his first campaign. And they actually went top of the table in the months before he was sacked from the club next season.

What Jody Morris had to say about both Chelsea and Rice

He went on to say in a podcast that:

I messaged him when we were there and said, would you come back? Because obviously, he was released from Chelsea as a 14-year-old. If you actually spoke to Dec, I don’t think that he would have thought that he should have been released. But there was quite a few of them that thought maybe he shouldn’t have been released,” he said.

It’s probably the best thing for him. He’s gone on to amazing things at West Ham. But while he was there, going into the second season I was on at Lamps all the time going, Dec would be unbelievable for us. We need more legs because Kante hadn’t played for us a lot. He’d only played about 40 percent of the time, he kept getting injured. And I said, would you like Dec? And Lamps said I don’t know, I haven’t really seen enough of him.

About a month later, he was like I’ve been all over Dec since we’ve been having a closer look. I messaged Dec saying would you come back, otherwise there’s no point Lamps going to have the conversations with anybody if Dec is still [not looking to leave]. And he went, no, no, I’m a Chelsea fan, of course I would. So that got put in motion and Lamps started speaking to him. And it was on.

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