Former Gunner Calls for Golovin Signing: Would the Russian Be a Good Fit for Arsenal?

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Former Arsenal player Alex Hleb has urged Russia star Aleksandr Golovin to follow in his Premier League footsteps. He said that the midfielder should join Arsenal to boost their midfield—a Belarusian legend who has played his football in North London.

In 2018, Gunners was linked with Aleksandr Golovin, a Russian midfielder playing for CSKA Moscow. 2017, Arsenal offered Golovin between £8 and £10 million, but CSKA Moscow declined the transfer. In 2018, Golovin’s performance at the World Cup led to speculation about a move to the Emirates. 

Monaco signed him then after having broken talks with Arsenal and Chelsea. According to Sky Sports, Monaco signed him. The deal was reportedly worth £27 million, with Monaco beating out Chelsea and Arsenal for the signing.

Golovin urges him to sign for Arsenal

The gunner was Champions League runner-up with Arsenal in 2006. He told championat

I know that Aleksandr has become one of the leaders of Monaco and plays good football. I liked him before; fast, creative, saw the field well,

Every footballer wants to reach a higher level. I think that Aleksandr himself will decide where to move.

If you want to grow, you must move forward. Monaco are a good European team, but they are not at the top. If there are offers from top clubs, then it’s time to move on and set higher goals for yourself. But you need to approach this wisely; go where the system suits your style.

We need a team that plays beautiful combination football. And the main thing is that the coach wants to see you on the team and trusts you. We need to weigh up everything.

Golovin would fit well into these teams, Barca and Arsenal football suits him

Well, currently looking at the Midfield of Gunners Aleksandr Golovin doesn’t have any place for a new midfielder. The possibility of signing him is looking low.

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