Former Chelsea champion returns to Stamford Bridge against Chelsea


In the upcoming FA Cup Quarter Final between Leicester and Chelsea, Chelsea will have a familiar face in the opposition. They will face a former champion with their club in the opposition dugout. Chelsea are facing the Championship League leaders and their assistant coach is former Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero. Caballero was part of the Chelsea squad when they won the Champions League in 2021. He also won the Europa League and the FA Cup with the blues. However, his major contribution was in the FA Cup 2018 campaign where he played every game upto the final. Caballero’s tenure at Chelsea was a backup goalkeeper, first under Courtois, then Kepa and finally Mendy. He provided a much needed depth at the goalkeeping position for the blues. Caballero will be returning as an assistant coach against his former team in the FA cup fixture.

Caballero on his return to Stamford Bridge as coach

The 41 year old said talking to Leicester’s matchday programme,

“For us now, it’s a privilege to come to Stamford Bridge,” he said. “We’ve been playing good teams and getting very good results, but the most important thing is we have a good idea of playing that was reflected in the last rounds”

“It would be fantastic to come to Stamford Bridge and try to play the same way.”

“It’s my first season coaching and I’m learning a lot. I just finished my playing career a few months ago. It’s another big challenge, but I’m enjoying it because it also gives me an opportunity to grow up as a person, as well as a coach, or possible manager in the future.”

The Argentine would hope he will beat his former team and his Argentine counterpart Pochettino. It is the first year of Caballero as a coach and a win over his former team will give him much needed confidence for the future.

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