Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish link up to change the way Manchester City are perceived at present

Manchester City

The strengthening of the relationship between Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish at Manchester City is a thing to look out for.

It is thought that Pep Guardiola would rely on both of these players for the majority of the games this season.

It would be an important season for Grealish as he performed below par the previous season. He could not justify his big-money move last season. Haaland would be another player who is bound to attract people over the world. It remains to be seen how he fares in a competitive setup in that Premier League. Since City were taken over by the Arab Sheikhs, they have not witnessed any ‘huge personalities’. They have had great scorers but not players who could vibe with the spectators and be overly confident.

Moreover, they also have excellent playmakers who have done their job quietly without much pomp and splendor. Kevin De Bruyne fits that role.

There is a change incoming at Manchester City

Grealish and Haaland are of a different breed from the players that have frequented the City lineup. Both of them have ‘personality and talent’.

Grealish has signed a big billion offer to become the worldwide ambassador of Gucci. On the other hand, Haaland is the next world star in the making. Since he will not feature in the World Cup he would have a lot of sponsorship materials to do. City to this date has won trophies but they have failed to bring the showy things.

This can be brought by Grealish and Haaland. Playing for the team would make the club showier and more attractive.

These two guys are capable of pulling the team to the levels of stardom that have usually been enjoyed by Manchester United to this day.

City could go on to become a global sports brand, getting out of the pitch.

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