Eric Dier says “Tottenham is more successful than Arsenal in this “

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Eric Dier, who left Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich in the January transfer window, has pointed out how Arsenal went into a decline on the pitch after building the Emirates Stadium north London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur took different paths after building their new stadiums.

According to former Spurs player Eric Dier. Dier, who recently departed for Bayern Munich, pointed out Arsenal’s apparent decline on the pitch following their move to the Emirates Stadium. In contrast, he believes Tottenham haven’t faced similar struggles under the leadership of chairman Daniel Levy.

Dier, who can play both defence and defensive midfield, praised Levy’s management of the club and expressed his bafflement at criticism from some Tottenham fans.

Eric Dier: Look at Arsenal

Dier told The Times about Levy: “Daniel’s a very strong businessman. He’s an extremely difficult man to negotiate with but he looks after the club. 

“I just find it funny when I go to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and see ‘Levy Out’ and I’m thinking. This guy over the last ten years has built the best infrastructure in football. Best training ground, the best stadium — and a team during all of that time that has stayed relatively competitive. Reaching the Champions League final in 2019.

You look at some other clubs struggling now that Financial Fair Play is becoming a big thing. That’s why I have a lot of respect for Daniel.

“Look at Arsenal when they built their new stadium, you saw that decline of the team, there were financial constraints as they built, and only now they’re finally coming back.“You never hear Tottenham in any of these FFP conversations. It’s baffling to me that a Tottenham fan could ever be upset with someone who looks after a club in that way.”

well in my opinion Arsenal are more successful than Tottenham. At least we have won trophies. How many trophies does Arsenal win?

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