English FA screwed Arsenal yet again this season


English FA has screwed Arsenal again. No, this is not about any disallowed goal. It’s not also a red card. Or anything else like this. Instead, we’re looking at something much more. It is about the schedule of the Sheffield United game. It is on Monday night.

The football game starts at 7:30 GMT, and the last direct train to London leaves Sheffield before the game ends. The only option to return home would be to take a 10:10 GMT train, which involves a 20-minute walk from Bramall Lane. This train will arrive at King’s Cross around 1:14 am.

Monday night matches are unusual, and for the Football Association to schedule one at such a late hour presents challenges for everyone involved. Even the home fans are faced with a dilemma. Whether their team wins, loses, or draws, their night’s sleep is somehow disrupted.

The main source of revenue for Premier League clubs is the fans who attend matches, even though the balance sheets and earnings projections suggest otherwise. Fans spend their hard-earned money on tickets, memberships, and matchday concessions.

They are the ones who sing, shout, chant, and stomp their feet, burning off the calories they’ve consumed through the concessions.

FA Taking decisions against Arsenal?

During the last season due to mistakes of the English FA, Arsenal Football Club faced a significant number of disallowed goals on various occasions. Despite the introduction of Var. The team continued to receive decisions against them.

Furthermore, this season, Arsenal has been denied penalties on multiple occasions, which has further added to their struggles on the field.

 By scheduling a match on a Monday, with a kickoff time of 7:30 GMT, the FA is prioritizing that all-too-precious television revenue over the match-day experience. Sure, Blades fans can probably count on getting to bed at a more-or-less reasonable hour.

However, asking them to play on a Monday seems a bit unreasonable. Neither Arsenal nor Sheffield played on Thursday before this match, so it’s not like rescheduling was necessary.

Arsenal’s last game was on February 24th, which was nine days ago. Similarly, Sheffield’s last match was on February 25th, which was eight days ago.

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